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BLOWER HOUSING AND RECOIL STARTER Sport (4914161416033A) ELECTRIC START COMPONENTS Trail ES and Deluxe (4914161416023A)
BLOWER HOUSING AND RECOIL STARTER Trail (4914161416034A) ENGINE MOUNTING Sport (4914161416017A)
BRAKE AND CHAINCASE All Swedish Indy Models (4914521452011A) ENGINE MOUNTING Trail (4914161416019A)
BRAKE AND CHAINCASE Sport and Trail (4914161416013A) FRONT SUSPENSION AND SKI Sport and Trail (4914161416009A)
CARBURETOR Sport (4914161416039A) FUEL PUMP Sport (4914161416037A)
CARBURETOR Trail (4914161416040A) FUEL PUMP Trail (4914161416038A)
CHASSIS AND SEAT Sport and Trail (4914161416001A) HOOD Sport and Trail (4914161416005A)
CHASSIS AND SEAT All Norwegian Indy Models (4914521452005A) MAGNETO Sport (4914161416031A)
CHASSIS AND SEAT All Swedish Indy Models (4914521452009A) MAGNETO Trail (4914161416032A)
CHASSIS AND SEAT Trail Deluxe (4914161416003A) NOSEPAN Sport and Trail (4914161416007A)
CONSOLE Sport and Trail (4914161416008A) OIL PUMP Sport (4914161416035A)
CRANKCASE Sport (4914161416025A) OIL PUMP Trail (4914161416036A)
CRANKCASE Trail (4914161416026A) PISTON AND CRANKSHAFT Sport (4914161416029A)
CYLINDER Sport (4914161416027A) PISTON AND CRANKSHAFT Trail (4914161416030A)
CYLINDER Trail (4914161416028A) STARTER Trail ES and Deluxe (4914161416041A)
DRIVE CLUTCH Sport and Trail (4914161416021A) STEERING Sport and Trail (4914161416011A)
DRIVEN CLUTCH Sport and Trail (4914161416022A) SUSPENSION Sport and Trail (4914161416015A)
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